Peaceful Parks Coalition on Ontario’s cormorant hunt plan

Just received an email blast from Peaceful Parks Coalition, providing a link to the CBC story on government scientists’ opposition to their own government’s proposed cormorant hunt. (see my earlier post). PPC notes that the proposed hunt was supposed to begin today, and says (in part):

The season was scheduled to open today March 15 but no decision has been made yet, therefore the current status quo remains in effect – no open hunting season.

However, with no decision being made as of today, the proposal remains open  and Doug Ford could make an announcement at anytime, if not this year then next year.  It is unprofessional, and rude, not to inform the public of his intentions.

BUT Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), John Yakabuski was at the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters conference this morning giving the opening remarks and speaking with its members one on one and we all know that the issue of killing nesting cormorants would have been top of mind for sport hunters and anglers.

Again, being disrespectful of the public, we are certain that the Minister explained his decision or lack of, to sport hunters and anglers but leaving the public in the dark.

What we know for certain, is that this issue remains active. 


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