Notices to Shipping is now NAVWARNs

There’s a new system in Canada for what used to be called Notices to Shipping, those bulletins delivered during Coast Guard marine broadcasts that alerted you to various and sundry navigational hazards or modifications: rocks where they hadn’t been charted before, deadheads, navigational aids missing, damaged or out of position, assorted flotsam and jetsam, wrecks, new aids temporarily added. In other words, the sorts of things you’d appreciate knowing about so you can stay out of trouble. The radio delivery is still happening, but Notices to Shipping is now Navigational Warnings (NAVWARNs), and you also now can subscribe to weekly email notices. There’s also a map page where you can see the latest warnings displayed as purple circles: clicking on them brings up the info.

Another spiffy new feature for the federal government’s marine info is a GIS map web page that aggregates a heap of data, including NAVWARNS, weather radar, navaids (but not all the ones along Georgian Bay’s small craft route, unfortunately), hydrography, chart lists, and more. I found its loading of the navaids (and CHS hydrography) info slow on an iPad Pro, but it’s there if you want to play with it. It’s an odd page in that there is a log-in option but no way to set up an account (or an explanation of why you would want one).

Be aware that Notices to Mariners, the monthly updates on chart amendments, still very much exists, and you can subscribe to email notifications for specific charts as well.

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