Wrecking: Elton III and Sloopy

I made a run this morning to the east side of Giant’s Tomb Island, about 12.5 miles from home, to check out two wrecks for a friend, Dallis Favret, who is a sailor and a diver. Dallis had a lat/lon position, but hadn’t dived them yet and didn’t know if the position was accurate. It turned out the position was dead-on between the two wrecks, which I’m told are roped together.

Sloopy (left) and Elton III

Elton III is a steel motor yacht; Sloopy (I was told) is a small sailboat. I have no idea of their vintage, or how they came to be in 65 feet of water, just off Raft Point. Sloopy is an odd creature. She looks in the sonar scans like a small motor cruiser with a short mast for auxiliary power (although the top of the original mast may have been broken). You can see a video of a dive on the Elton III with a brief glimpse of Sloopy here.

Elton III
The wreck(s) site
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