Goodbye, Facebook (again)

I returned to Facebook this summer after an absence of several years. I had left in the first place because I had concluded Facebook is, well, evil, but I thought I could re-engage with it by limiting my activity to groups with interests I share, like boating, local history, and bird-watching. But after about four months, I’ve had enough.

Facebook has a big problem as a platform for amplifying ignorance. A recent post on a Georgian Bay boating group mentioning climate change brought out a swarm of mouth-breathing ignorance, with the usual misinformed blustering about bad data, Trudeau and carbon taxes, the-climate-is-always-changing-duh swagger. If anyone thinks to the contrary, they don’t feel like pushing back, and frankly, neither do I. Facebook is a cosy place for bullying, blustering ignorance, and I’m tired of watching the bad proliferate along with the good.

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