Boat fire, wildfire

A couple items of blazing news today. A 35-foot vessel has burned and sunk in Honey Harbour, as CTV News reported. The report didn’t have any further details, but there’s video on Facebook of a flybridge cruiser burning at the dock at Bluewater Marina. The cause is not known, but the start of the boating season is always a time of elevated risk, as boats come out of winter storage and problems crop up, especially fuel and electrical. I’ve been going through a protracted shakedown after the hose carrying water to the engine from the outdrive somehow became disconnected and I barely made it back to dock after a test run without a complete overheat. As it was, the engine thermostat was pooched in the process and I did a rebuild this week…only to then discover a small leak through the shift cable. Take your time and double-check everything before heading out.

The second fire is a 2.6-ha wildfire burning right at the shore at Pointe au Baril, near Pelham Cove. The blaze is reportedly under control. UPDATE (May 14): the fire is now out.

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