Miss Midland is back as Georgian Legacy

Miss Midland, a longstanding presence in southeastern Georgian Bay, is back, but not in Midland and not as Miss Midland. She left Midland under new owners to operate as Tobermory Legacy up on the Bruce, but this season, she’s back in southeastern Georgian Bay as Georgian Legacy, operating out of the Penetanguishene Town Dock (once home to the now-defunct Georgian Queen day tripper). Georgian Legacy will be offering four cruises a day, lunch, afternoon, dinner and sunset, and kicks off the season with a three-hour cruise on May 21. Boaters who scarcely had the chance to miss the Miss Midland will recognize the return of her distinctive form (and wake). While I don’t have any info about her planned routes, if she sticks to old habits boaters should keep an ear out on channel 16 for her securitĂ© calls as she enters the Minnicog channel and waters around Honey Harbour.

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