Ontario Land Trust Alliance applauds Ontario government’s funding support

American Camp Island, Georgian Bay Land Trust. Photo © Douglas Hunter

The Ontario Land Trust Alliance has issued a press release “celebrating” an announcement in the provincial budget of support for land acquisition and stewardship. The Ford government has promised an additional $14 million in support, which will be matched at a 1:1.5 ratio by OLTA and partners like Nature Conservancy Canada. I confirmed with OLTA executive director Alison Howson that the ratio means one dollar of provincial money for every 1.5 dollars of OLTA and partner money. If I’ve got the math right, this means a total potential spend of $35 million.

OLTA says its member groups “collectively own and steward over 117,000 acres across Ontario, with the support of thousands of volunteers annually.” Among the best known to Great Lakes wilderness aficionados are the Georgian Bay Land Trust, Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, and Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy.

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