Mercury begins shipping its first Avator electric outboard

The electric boating website Plugboats reports that Mercury Marine has begun to ship from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the first of five envisioned models of its Avator electric outboard. The model, the 7.5e, was introduced to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2023. The 7.5e delivers 750 watts of power at the prop shaft, and according to Mercury is equivalent in thrust and acceleration to a 3.5-hp gas outboard. Total weight of motor and battery is 60 pounds, about the same as its 4-hp four-stroke gas outboard (57 pounds) and heavier than its 3.5-hp 4-stroke (41 pounds), although the gas engine weights don’t include fuel. “Swappable batteries, a quick-connect mounting system and intuitive controls make setup and operation easy,” Mercury said in its CSE release. “A vivid full-color display tracks battery level and range, for confidently exploring the water.” The motor uses swappable 48-volt, 1-kWh lithium-ion batteries. Pricing information wasn’t available—it was supposed to be released this spring—but I would imagine something north of US$5000.

I’ve written elsewhere on the Torqeedo Travel 1103, a 3-hp equivalent electric with an all-up weight of 38 pounds that we purchased in 2022 for our dinghy. Someone looking for a Torqeedo model that would rival the Avator line should consider its Cruise line.

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