GBA says exec director’s comments to Parry Sound North Star were misinterpreted on this blog

Shannon Farquharson, the communications and executive coordinator for the Georgian Bay Association, says I misinterpreted the statement of exec director Rupert Kindersley to the Parry Sound North Star on floating cottages in this earlier post:

“The GBA stance has never been to try and ban floating cottages (FC). GBA has consistently said that they need to be properly regulated and located in a place where they can get connections to hydro, sewage, water supply and garbage disposal services etc., as available. Such a place would be a permanent, fixed location such as a marina. In other jurisdictions that is how floating cottages are managed and those locations are often attractive places, which provide a good experience for the FC owner, and eliminate the safety issues for FCs moving around freely and anchoring wherever they want. Furthermore, such FC owners will often have a boat at the location, which they can use to explore the area, as other boaters do.

“The interpretation of the Parry Sound North Star article is incorrect. GBA has never proposed, and would never propose ‘designated anchoring bays’ for floating cottages. It is access to services at a marina or similar location that will reduce the potential environmental impacts of FCs and deal with safety issues.”

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