Wreck of the Wawinet?

iPhone snap of a wreck image on my sonar. The waviness is due to chop at the surface that made the boat bob as I did the scanning run.

It took me four tries, but today I’m fairly sure I found the wreck of the Wawinet, an 87-foot motor vessel that sank in September 1942 with a loss of 25 lives. The wreck is known to some divers, but its location to my knowledge has never been revealed. A Navionics user gave a location for the wreck that I spent way too much time trying to confirm with my boat’s hi-res sonar, and today I finally expanded the search area and hit a target of the right heft in the right depth of water (20-25 feet), and in a logical place, about a quarter-mile from the Navionics position. The sonar image is a little wavy because of chop on the surface as I was making scanning runs. More on this find in due time.

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