Ontario appeals Robinson Treaties ruling to Supreme Court of Canada

Ontario has decided it’s not done yet with the Robinson Treaties case. As I previously wrote, Ontario lost pretty emphatically (5-0) last year, when it took the loss by Ontario and Canada in 2018 to the Ontario Court of Appeal. Canada had already accepted the 2018 ruling, but Ontario pressed on, and despite the recent Ontario Court of Appeal ruling, it is moving on to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In a statement issued by the Robinson Huron Treaty Litigation Fund,  Ogimaa (Chief) Duke Peltier of Wiikwemikoong First Nation says, “It is absolutely disappointing that Ontario would rather litigate than negotiate.” Chief Dean Sayers of Batchewana First Nation said, “Ontario is unwilling to mandate settlement negotiations even though Canada and the Robinson Huron Treaty First Nations want to negotiate.” 

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