CG Cove Isle: still cleaning up the navaid mess

CG navaids tender Cove Isle.

As I reported on May 7, quite a few navaids on eastern Georgian Bay have been reported missing, damaged, or out of position on the NAVWARNs system. The Coast Guard usually aims to have the navaids back in order by the Victoria Day (May 2-4) weekend, but this year the fix-it list plainly has been more than it can handle. The navaids tender Cove Isle was in and around Midland for a few days, and as of about 13 hours ago (the most recent position I have for her on my AIS app MarineTraffic) she was steaming north, up the small craft route, and was approaching O’Donnell Point. The navaid problems south of that position have been cleaned up, according to the latest NAVWARNs email bulletin, but there’s a lot of work still to be done to the north. You can check the current problems on the NAVWARNs website.

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