Big whacking new addition to Georgian Bay Islands National Park

The mystery park I first noticed in Apple Maps (shown here) turns out to be an addition to Georgian Bay Islands National Park, called the Tadenac holding.

I blogged just the other day about a curious chunk of unlabeled park in the Apple Maps app, north of Bernadette Island and east of Gunn Island, which also appears in Google Maps. I cast about for some answers, and lo and behold, Georgian Bay Islands National Park has acquired a new chunk, called the Tadenac holding, which has not yet been gazetted under the Canada National Parks Act. (Neither has the recent 43-acre/17.4 hectare expansion of its Bone Island property. The act was last updated in 2019.) The staff at the park headquarters was kind enough to send along a spreadsheet of all the park’s land holdings. The Tadenac addition of 157.4 acres/63.7 hectares is the single largest holding within the park’s portfolio, after the main holding (2791.9 acres/1129.8 hectares) of Beausoleil Island.

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